AVTEC 调度控制台

AVTEC 调度控制台

The 童子军 Family of 调度控制台

一个平台. Unlimited Possibilities.

The Avtec 童子军™ family of dispatch solutions integrates all your communication center needs, 是否简单, 高度复杂的, or somewhere in between. 童子军 provides options for secure, converged voice and radio dispatch communications.

When Minutes Matter
You need to know that your communications system can handle whatever challenges it will face in today’s complex world. At the center of the most demanding communications environments, you’ll find an Avtec 童子军™ dispatch console — protecting people, 资产, 和生计. When a call comes in, you can feel confident that you’ve selected a reliable and efficient communications system from a company that understands what is important to you.

When you choose Avtec to be your communications partner, you’re joining more than 75 utilities, 六个主要U.S. 航空公司, hundreds of public safety agencies, and dozens of Fortune 500 companies that have deployed a 童子军 dispatch console for their mission-critical communications.

暂时构建, but be prepared for later — your investment is always safe with Avtec, since 童子军 enterprise systems can grow in both capacity and capabilities as your needs dictate. 和, as your requirements change over time, systems can be consolidated to one location, redistributed to many locations, or augmented to accommodate growth.

Avtec 童子军 console systems are built on open standards and integrate seamlessly with the leading radio, 电话, push-to-talk over cellular (PoC), and broadband technologies. 和 since they are fully redundant, you can trust Avtec systems to deliver exceptional audio quality during standard operations, or during mutual aid situations such as natural or man-made disasters.

No matter if your communication needs are simple, 高度复杂的, or somewhere in between, there’s a 童子军 Enterprise solution for you. See which best fulfills your need for secure, converged audio and radio dispatch communications.

为什么选择Avtec 童子军?

When your dispatchers are called into action, you want the best tools at their fingertips. Avtec 童子军's consoles can handle a broad range of business and mission-critical communications needs — consolidating your radio, 电话, and broadband/LTE technologies into a best-in-class communications solution that offers exceptional audio quality, protection from cybersecurity threats, and virtually endless configurability.

Count on Avtec 童子军 for:

  • Mission-Critical Reliability
  • A Commitment to Cybersecurity
  • 易用性
  • Integration Flexibility

MOTOTRBO Integration

The Official Voice Dispatch Console Solution
for MOTOTRBO Radio Systems

Avtec 童子军™ Enterprise consoles are the official dispatch solution for MOTOTRBO® radio systems and can connect to MOTOTRBO systems through either a wireline or wireless connection. The 童子军 Enterprise product suite offers tight integration with all MOTOTRBO radio systems and connects via CSSI to 十大电子游戏正规平台 P25 solutions, and via control station to conventional or trunked ASTRO® systems. 除了, 童子军 dispatch consoles integrate with the other standards-based and proprietary radio solutions, broadband Push to Talk over Cellular (POC) systems, and 电话 technologies you use - giving you maximum flexibility to select the right technologies both inside the command center and in the field. 和 since the 童子军 Enterprise suite scales from one console to hundreds, you can count on a solution that grows with you over time, whether that means single-site, 多站点, 区域, or mobile configurations.

  • 最大容量
  • 能力加 Multi-Site
  • 能力加
  • 连接+
  • IP站点连接
  • 波PTX

The Recommended Replacement Solution for MCC 5500 and MIP 5000
When it comes to an EOL strategy for your 十大电子游戏正规平台 Solutions MCC 5500 and MIP 5000 dispatch consoles, migrating to the Avtec 童子军 Enterprise family of products provides you with a secure, 灵活的, reliable solution. 童子军 Enterprise integrates with the wide range of resources and systems you use every day to enhance situational awareness and coordinate your team’s response in the field.




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